recruitment consultant

Robert Murray

Associate Director

You can contact me on my direct number 020 7766 9050 or via email RM@oysterpartnership.com

Rob moved to the UK to pursue his dream of being an actor. Like most out of work actors, he was working in a restaurant here in Piccadilly, which is where Sasza found him back in 2014. Joining Oyster as a Trainee, Rob is now Divisional Manager for the Permanent Team which recruits across the private sector, universities & schools and public bodies. 

Outside of Oyster… 

When he’s not in the office, you can more than likely find Rob floating around the West End eating pizza and drinking wine, or in Ibiza! 

What motivates Rob?

The growth and development of his team. There is nothing better than helping someone succeed and achieve their goals. Rob will put everything into making his people successful and has created a great balance of work & play across his growing team!