Maggie Moon

Human Resources Recruitment

I am currently working from home. You can contact me on my mobile number 07449 396 124 or via email maggie.moon@oysterpartnership.com

Maggie joined Oyster with 1.5yrs recruitment experience in the banking sector. Maggie understands the importance of hiring the right people into HR, and looks for candidates whose integrity and professionalism can uphold the equality, diversity, and fairness expected from an organisation. Being able to do this makes her feel like she has finally found a home here at Oyster.

What keeps Maggie motivated?

Learning new things. Recruitment is full of surprises, our business is people and people are unpredictable which always keeps things interesting. There is always something to learn from others, whether it be a client transforming and developing their business strategies or candidates sharing their real life experiences with me. I get taught something new every day which is great!

What keeps Maggie sane?

Outside of work I am very much a crazy cat person. My cat keeps me calm and content. When I’m not at home enjoying my cats company, you will find me dancing, dance has been a huge passion of mine – it is great stress relief.