Joshua Davies

london recruitment agency

You can contact me on my mobile number 020 7766 9075 or via email JD@oysterpartnership.com

Josh joined in 2020 after living in Vietnam for three and a half years, where he set up a successful English teaching business.  Before this Josh completed a news journalism degree which he used to teach. Josh is a naturally inquisitive person and loves learning from people and their experiences. 

What motivates Josh?

Josh is motivated by talking to industry professionals and learning more about the industry he specializes in. Josh has a need to develop and progress himself. He believes the more we learn in life the more we have a purpose. 

What does Josh do outside of work?

Josh can be found reading a philosophy book and contemplating life in a nice quiet pub or on a sunny day sitting in the park getting some Vitamin D. Josh also likes exploring cities and always wants to know what’s around the next corner.