Jessica Carnwath

You can contact me on my mobile number 07474 528 851 or via email Jessica.Carnwath@oysterpartnership.com

After finishing her Classics Masters, Jess stumbled across Oyster Partnership by chance and knew from how comfortable she felt there that it would be a great fit. Jess joined the Private Sector Planning and Development team and is forging relationships with clients and candidates, creating a network across the Planning Industry.

What makes Jess good at what she does?

In one word- thoroughness! Jess doesn’t leave anything to chance, making sure that she knows everything she could possibly know about her candidates, her clients, and her market. Nothing gets past her!

What is Jess’s main motivator?

A desire to succeed; Jess is not someone who does things by half measures. The support and care that Oyster puts into their team ensures that everyone can reach their potential and help others do the same. That, and the incentives – there’s nothing more motivating than the promise of a holiday!