recruitment consultant

Jamie Vear-Altog

Managing Consultant

You can contact me on my mobile number 07896 250 387 or via email JVA@oysterpartnership.com

2015 saw the start of Jamie’s Oyster career. Joining as a fresh-faced BA Geography grad from the UoBrighton, he has since helped over 125 consultants provide over 170,000 hours to both public and private sector clientele. Chapter 2 involves Jamie leading the Highways and Transport team with comrades and amigos that he wouldn’t change, for better or for worse. 

What can you expect from him?

Before all else, you can expect Jamie to treat you like a person. Going beyond another number, he gets to understand your entire picture, empathises with you and will only provide you with solutions that he feels are truly beneficial or of interest. He appreciates a polite nudge and may call just for a chat…

What keeps Jamie sane?

When he’s not filling the office with smiles and terrible puns, you can find him learning the hardcorest of parkour, faffing in the gym and arranging his next group holiday. Hanging his head at the North London reds, producing fire mixtapes and reading self-development books shouldn’t go without a miss.