Colby Robinson

Principal Consultant

You can contact me on my mobile number 07812 100 531 or via email Colby.Robinson@oysterpartnership.com

Colby joined Oyster in 2018 coming from a repairs background, she already had a good understanding and knowledge of the Property industry therefore it only made sense for her to be on the Office Support desk. With a couple of years as a Repairs Scheduler and a Contract Manager, she is able to relate to her candidates and build strong relationships. 

What does Colby love about her job? 

Colby loves being able to get out of the office and meet with her clients and candidates regularly. Before Colby joined Oyster she visited 12 different countries in 8 months, so she also loves being given the opportunity to go on 4 holidays a year by hitting the target!

What keeps Colby sane? 

Outside of work Colby enjoys socialising with old friends and you will probably find her at a bottomless brunch.