Recruitment consultant

Alex Tapley

Executive Consultant

You can contact me on my mobile number 07561 430 719 or via email AT@oysterpartnership.com

Alex recruits for all Town Planning vacancies across the South West, including Hampshire and South Gloucestershire. This encompasses some of the most beautiful parts of our country as well as some of the most interesting projects. Projects such as the Hinckley Point C station and the Cranbrook new town project. Alex loves covering this region as it is a fascinating insight into Planning and just how delicate the balance is between preserving the natural beauty of the countryside and ensuring the area has enough affordable houses. 

What does Alex loves about his job? 

Alex loves recruitment because he is helping to create legacies in the areas he recruits for, many of the contractors he has placed in positions have gone on to approve and consult on significant applications and projects in those areas. Alex likes to feel that he had a small hand to play in those buildings and schemes being there for the community to benefit from. 

What keeps Alex motivated?

Alex is motivated by his friends and family, he has a brilliant support network and they all just want the best for each other. He is hoping to move into his own home in a few years as well and that is a big motivating factor as well.