STAFF PROFILE: Trainee Recruiter, Luke Ata-Amonoo

Today we speak to ‘newbie’ recruiter, Luke Ata-Amonoo, about his experience as a Trainee Recruiter at Oyster. Luke works in our Housing Services team specialising in Housing Options and Homelessness and has quickly become a key asset to the team.

1.       If you had to describe working at Oyster in five words, what would they be?

Friendly, professional, fast-paced, insightful and proactive.

2.       How long have you been with Oyster?

Three and a half months.

3.       How did you find the recruitment process when you were hired?

I had an interview lined up with Oyster and shortly afterwards I was asked to complete a psychometric test to get a better insight into the way that I thought. I was then called back for a second interview with alternate managers where we went through the test in more detail. Moving on I then met the MD, a daunting moment but he was very welcoming, and after a brief discussion as to why I’m here and what I would like to do, I was offered the job a day later!

4.       What kind of training did you go through when you started?

We all went through rather intense training for the first eight weeks or so and then began to tail off slowly. Firstly, we were tasked with extracting as much information from calls as possible, taking part in a large number of role plays to put what we had learnt to the test.  They were of great help, with both managers and fellow newbie’s offering constructive criticism so that we improve. With this, we focused on how to structure our calls, both client and candidate, in the best possible manner. Naturally, we were also taught how to sell, both positions to candidates, and candidates to clients. We were shown how to sell to specific “types” of people based on their own personality which was of great use. We were also walked through the ‘do’s and dont’s’ of E-shots (recruiter mail) and adverts, making sure that information is conveyed correctly, whilst also encouraging people to act on them.

5.       How are you enjoying the job?

The job itself is very enjoyable, it’s one of those positions where you are never clock watching. There’s always something to do or somebody to call, and the fast paced nature of both the industry and the office make for great days. Those already here at Oyster add to the effect.

6.       What type of person do you think suits Oyster?

Any type of friendly, welcoming individual with a strong work ethic will fit very well into the company. Everybody here is very passionate about what they do.

7.       How did you first hear about Oyster and why did you choose them?

I first heard about Oyster Partnership through my rec to rec, informing me that it’s a highly respected property recruitment agency. Coming from a financial background, I was sceptical, though as soon as I had met the team, I felt that this was the place for me. The welcoming approach and the buzz around the office had drew me in almost instantly.

8.       Why recruitment?

It’s a role I thought that I would enjoy. I’m quite an outgoing, friendly, personable person who likes to meet new people. I’d also always wanted to try my hand at sales, and so with that, I made my way into recruitment.

9.       What are the biggest challenges of your day?

Recruitments a large challenge in itself, and those within the industry are constantly spinning 20 plates. Staying on top of it all can be difficult. My personal challenges have been winning over new clients whilst making a name for myself, though this does come with time. Finding the right people for the post can also be difficult, particularly in the candidate driven market I find myself in at the moment. It does make it that much sweeter when you do find them though.

10.   What are the most enjoyable parts of your day?

Finding a role, and the rush that you experience when filling it. Ringing that bell makes the work worth it, as well as seeing that you’re adding value to the company.

Thank you Luke – good luck for many more prosperous months and years as a growing recruiter at Oyster. For more information about Luke, visit his LinkedIn https://uk.linkedin.com/in/luke-ata-amonoo