STAFF PROFILE: Recruitment Consultant, Kane Pfieffer

Today we speak with Kane Pfeiffer who works within Oyster’s Housing Management team. Kane started as a Trainee Consultant with our March intake and is now an integral part of the team, recently being promoted to a Recruitment Consultant.

1. If you had to describe working at Oyster in 5 words what would they be?

Engaging, fast-paced, professional, rewarding and supportive.

2. How long have you been with Oyster?

Coming close to 6 months now. I went straight into a Trainee Recruitment position after finishing an Architectural degree at University.

3. What kind of training did you go through when you started?

We went through a structured training programme from day one and are still continuously training and learning now. The focus of the program was learning about the market and recruitment in general.

4. How are you enjoying the job?

It’s great, I like getting rewarded for working hard. Being able to hit commission early on has kept things exciting and fresh. It doesn’t seem like a chore to come to work at all, which is everyone’s dream!

5. What type of person do you think suits Oyster?

Someone eager to learn and earn. A committed person is essential.

7. Why do you think you’ve been successful so far at Oyster?

Persistence and dedication to the job, plus I enjoy the culture.

8. Professionally, where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I would like to have built a strong client base and be an expert in my industry. Alongside that, I would like to be managing a team of around 5-7 people.

9. How did you first hear about Oyster and why did you choose them?

I heard about them through my Rec2Rec. Nothing sold me into Oyster better than (my current manager) Jas and Rob, they were the most honest out of all of the recruitment agencies and the most welcoming.

10. Why recruitment?

To be frank, who wants to be broke… and the sales environment lured me in as it’s social and fun.

11. What are the biggest challenges of your day?

Not being able to find enough hours in the day.

12. What are the most enjoyable parts of your day?

Being in the office with a team I get along with and working as a unit towards combined targets and goals.

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