Operations Manager, Lisa Stuart, talks about working life in the back office of Oyster Partnership.

How long have you been with Oyster?
Just over five years.

How has your career progressed during your time at Oyster?
My role has changed significantly during my years here. I started off as an Accounts Assistant and worked within that department for four years. Being a relatively small organisation my role was also varied and I had exposure to different areas of the business. I realised I enjoyed working across business operations and was shortly thereafter promoted to Operations Manager.

What attracted you to joining Oyster?
From my initial interview with a Rec2Rec I could tell Oyster was going to be well suited. Not only did it seem like a fun environment to work, it was obvious the company was going places and I wanted to be apart of that.

How essential are the office support departments (operations, accounts, marketing, admin) within recruitment agencies and how impactful are their roles?
I think the back office support functions are fundamental to the success of the business. The consultants have their role as recruiters and the back office function helps support that in so many ways from payroll to IT and telecoms, and managing the hiring of new staff.

If you had to describe Oyster in five words, what would they be?
Loyal, giving, fun, opportunistic, lively.

How do you think Oyster differentiates from other recruitment agencies?
The culture is what sets Oyster apart from the rest, you’re recognised for the work you do and the people you see every day are genuinely your friends.

Describe your average day in the life of an operations manager?
No day is the same in my role which is what I like about it! From reporting for our MD, to speaking with our suppliers to negotiate new terms and prices, to organising for new systems or software to be implemented, it’s my job to ensure all office polices are up to date and compliant.

What type of people do you think suit Oyster?
Enthusiastic, tenacious, driven, friendly.

Thanks Lisa, all the best for the future!

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