We celebrate Assistant Accountant, Joe Burrows, this month awarded the illustrious employee of the month. The back office of Recruitment agencies don’t often get recognised as much as they should, so read on about Joe’s day to day and what he enjoys about Oyster.

  • What are the reasons you were awarded employee of the month?

I was awarded this month because of my work across January running the Finance team while my Manager was on paternity leave.

  • How long have you been working at Oyster?

18 months.

  • What’s your favourite thing about your job?

No one day is the same. There’s always something different landing on my desk alongside my day to day tasks which really keeps me on my toes.

  • What’s your typical ‘day in the life’?

It’s my job to ensure all accounting functions are run smoothly and on time. This includes reporting to the Finance Manager, assisting with month end and year end accounts, speaking to and paying our suppliers, organising payroll for all of our contractors and head office staff, and revenue reporting and commission calculations.

  • Describe Oyster in five words?

Ambitious, growing, inclusive, loyal, family.

  • What’s your best memory to date?

There are many but the outstanding memory would have to be in my first week where the office sang happy birthday to me. It was embarrassing but also touching and very much appreciated. I later found out this is quite the norm here and it really shows how quickly new members of staff are made to feel welcome.

  • What has been a challenge that you’ve had to overcome?

In April 2017 I was responsible for assisting contractors understand how the IR35 legislation affects their pay, and basically overhauling how we run our contractors’ payroll to comply accordingly.

  • What type of person do you think suits Oyster?

Someone who is confident, understands that you get out what you put in, who is looking to learn and evolve whilst actually enjoying their day to day work, and finally someone who enjoys socialising.

  • How important is the back office support when it comes to the functionability of recruitment agencies?

The back office staff are extremely important as they allow the sales staff to focus on recruiting, while back office deal with the day to day tasks that keep the business running.

Back office staff also collate the business’ performance data to present to the board members and shareholders to showcase company traction.

Thank you, Joe and congratulations!

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