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Welcome to the Rule #1 podcast, a brand-new podcast from the Oyster Partnership. 

In a world filled with mediocre and boring podcasts, we thought we could change the game by doing exactly what everyone else is doing and interview some leading figures in our sectors in order to please our marketing team.

Throughout this podcast, a couple of dreaded, yet devilishly handsome, recruiters interview the most interesting people from the industries we work with. Focussing on some hot topics that you, our legions of followers, want to hear about. Ranging from “what did you want to be as a kid?”, “who’s worse, recruiters or estate agents?” as well as getting into the nitty-gritty of some of the world’s most interesting professions.

During our first season, we’re lifting the lid on the journey’s of our interviewees. How did they get into their profession? How they have got to the level they are now? What advice they would give to those looking to enter their respective sectors and the one you’ve all been waiting for what is their Rule #1

All this and much more, after all as recruiters we love nothing more than talking about ourselves…

Critics are calling this “the best podcast you could expect from recruiters”, “So-so”, and “a game-changer in a world of mediocrity, this podcast may be the best thing I’ve listened to”.

The Hosts

recruitment consultant

Robert Murray

Rob moved to the UK to pursue his dream of being an Actor. Like most out-of-work actors, he was working in a restaurant here in Piccadilly, which is where Sasza found him back in 2014. Joining Oyster as a Trainee, Rob is now an Associate Director and leads the Permanent recruitment team which partners with organisations across the private sector, universities & schools, and public bodies. Channeling his theatrical past, Rob is excited to be co-hosting Rule No.1 alongside the mediocre Will.

Will Shipley

Will joined Oyster in 2016 after a few years of dabbling in the music industry, initially joining the Town Planning team. After a year and a half of Town Planning, he decided to take a step in a new direction starting the Environmental Health division, which has grown hugely over the last few years. Will is certainly fulfilling a dream by being the co-host of Rule No.1, or as he likes to refer to himself, The Star!

One Small Step, Episode One

The first episode of the podcast features Vanessa Murray an Asset Manager at Stanhope PLC, it shines a light on the mentoring scheme Mentoring Circle, which she recently launched for young women within the property industry.

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One Small Step, Episode Two

This week’s episode marks the beginning of our internal adventure, speaking to a few of the best and brightest (…not sure about that) Recruitment Consultants who have just celebrated their 1st year at Oyster.

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One Small Step, Episode Three

On this week’s episode, it is the big one, the man who made the recruitment industry’s best podcast possible, we speak to our very own fearless leader Sasza “small arms” Bandiera.

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One Small Step, Episode Four

In this week’s episode we travel out to sunny Beaconsfield to the HQ of Sorbon Estates to meet their Managing Director, Katherine Croom.

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One Small Step, Episode Six

Rule No.1 took us to glorious Bristol to meet with the outgoing Chair of Women in Property and all round trail blazer, the fabulous Rachel Bell.

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One Small Step, Episode Seven

This episode we have a very special episode in which we have another guest host in the form of our AD, Jas, who joins Will in discussing the importance of Diversity & Inclusion.

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One Small Step, Episode Eight

Rounding off our deep dive into all things Diversity & Inclusion, who better to give closing arguments than Jo Major, ex Recruiter and now the owner of Diversity In Recruitment…

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