Richard Bucklow: In every negative lies a hidden positive

-By Richard Bucklow-

As a recruitment consultant within the Housing Sector, I talk to many different individuals every day. I hear various stories from people I work with; some good, some bad, some funny. However, due to the current global pandemic I get to hear a lot of distress and concern amongst my clients and candidates. 

I fully understand that amidst everything that is currently going on with the onset of COVID-19, economically, socially, and most devastatingly the toll to life people are feeling distressed. In times like this I believe that being able to lift one’s spirit and spread a bit of positivity is more important than ever.

I want to try and be a tad buoyant by exploring the good things within the bad, that have happened in the world since the outbreak! 

Richard Bucklow: In every negative lies a hidden positive

Below is a shortlist that I hope will put a smile on your face:

  • Since the lockdown, the natural world has had time to breathe and recover. 70,000 turtles successfully laid eggs on the beaches of India, a huge increase from previous years. The Himalaya’s becomes visible for the first time in years. Chinese air pollution is down 25%. Venice lagoon’s water is clear for the first time in a generation.
  • Jacinda Arden (New Zealand Prime Minister) officially confirms that both the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny are key workers
  • Cure for Malaria?: Scientists in Kenya have discovered that mosquitoes there carry a special microbe that could stop the spread of malaria, the next step is using the microbe for a vaccine
  • White-Tail Eagle spotted for the first time in two centuries in England. With the wingspan of 2.5 metres, it is the biggest bird of prey in the UK
  • Community Spirit: Over 1000 support groups have popped up in the UK during lockdown with the sole purpose to help those in the community, creating a real sense of unity, making people feel proud to be British
  • Less pollution is saving lives: According to The Guardian, the air quality improvement brought on by the lockdown has resulted in saving up to 11,000 lives across Europe
  • Captain Tom (the newest addition to the UK’s list of national treasures) received 25,000 birthday cards for his 100th Birthday celebration and has raised £25+ million for the NHS. Give the man a knighthood!

If this has taken your mind off any worries you are having, even for a second, job well done! Whenever you’re feeling down just think of the above. Know that amongst all the madness that there are good things going on in the world. Most importantly you need to remember that this situation won’t last forever!

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