Resident Involvement Officer

Resident Involvement Officer jobs

The role of a Resident Involvement Officer

A Resident Involvement Officer is responsible for engaging residents in shaping their communities and housing services. Resident Involvement Officers are also responsible for providing an efficient response and monitoring service to all managing agents.

The role of a Resident Involvement Officer includes:

  • Empowering residents to input on their community and housing service
  • Building a rapport with residents to improve relations
  • Reforming policies based on discussion panels and meetings
  • Developing resident scrutiny activities and projects
  • Arrange and deliver training for residents

Qualifications & Experience

When searching for a Resident Involvement officer clients look for experience in dealing with tenants, being able to hold your own in front of a group of them, and a background in organising resident events/ forums.

Resident Involvement Officers are also known as Community Involvement Officers and Tenant Participation Officers.


Permanent contract: £26,000 – £30,000

Contractors: £18=5 – £18 per hour

Enthusiastic and diligent. Really enthusiastic staff and persistent in finding me a position. Incredibly diligent in following up leads, looking for good matches and providing feedback on positions applied for.

Dan, Feefo Trusted Customer

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