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The reality of Recruitment Industry...

Recruitment Consultant Chloe talks about the reality of Recruitment industry
- By Chloe Wright -

Almost three and a half years into my Recruitment career, I’ve had a chance to do some reflecting upon the reality of recruitment. Like most, I fell into the industry, and although now I can’t imagine doing anything else, there are a few things that I wish I’d known when starting my recruitment journey.

60K -100k per year OTE

I remember as a graduate seeing so many ads to become a recruiter – with the selling point being that I would get rich quickly. As an un-employed -student with £50,000 worth of debt, the idea of earning that money in a year seemed like a quick and easy means to an end. 

Let me tell you, unless you are extra-ordinary recruiter you probably won’t earn that amount of money that quickly. But as you grow and get your name out there and build your own personal brand you will see this rise. It is only after over three years of recruitment exposure that I am starting to see the OTE that so many fake recruitment ads had promised me. 

Chloe Wright talks about the reality of recruitment

Your first 6 months – 1 year 

To me, this period is no doubt the hardest part of your career. I actually like to tell people that in at least the first 6 months of being a ‘Recruitment Consultant’ you just need to get through it, be tenacious and persevere; the job you will be doing in the first 6 months is not what the real job is. 

That may seem confusing but let me explain. In your first 6 months – 1 year it is unlikely that you will be known or respected as a recruiter, so it is all about ‘cold calling’ and building your own personal brand/learning what the heck recruitment actually is. 

To an extent we are always building on our reputation as recruiters but if you can get through that first 6 months – 1 year as a recruiter, you can get through anything!

Reality of recruitment industry

A feeling like no other 

Every recruiter ever will always remember their first placement. Why? Because it’s the first time you’ve seen the process all the way through and the theory becomes reality! The satisfaction of getting a client on your side with a candidate whom you feel genuinely passionate about and getting them the role they wanted is hugely gratifying. 

As we say at Oyster “if you’ve done it once you can do it again” and once you place your first candidate you will definitely want to experience that feeling again and again. 

You must be interested in what you recruit for 

In my first recruitment job they offered me the chance to do Accountancy and Finance recruitment. I actually HATE numbers and have no real interest in finance (I do however respect it as a profession and admire people that work within it) so I requested to be put on Office Support.   

I am so glad my first company allowed me to switch to this division as Office Support is something relatable to me (unlike maths and number crunching). I enjoy learning about office work and, believe it or not, I find the roles incredibly interesting! Recruitment is recruitment – or is it?

Recruitment is much the same anywhere you go. I did just under a year in another recruitment agency before coming to Oyster Partnership to do Office Support for them. 

To be honest, I was doing okay in recruitment before Oyster Partnership but was on the fence about whether or not I liked it. I moved over to Oyster to give it one last shot and it has been the best decision of my career. 

Yes recruitment is recruitment and although my day to day role hasn’t changed that much, being in a positive and supportive environment where the sky is the limit has made all the difference. And what’s great to see is that this is the opportunity that Sasza, Jas and the whole of Oyster Partnership give to every employee. 

So, to conclude, please don’t go into recruitment thinking it will be an ‘easy ride’ or a ‘quick win’. What it will be is a rollercoaster of ups and downs (but hopefully mainly ups).  My advice is if you do go into recruitment is to make sure you are in the right environment for you, and that you’ve done your research. The recruitment process is quite simple, but finding the right company and people to do it with will mean you’re much better equipped to deal with the emotions that accompany! 

Reality of Recruitment Industry from Chloe Wright's perspective

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