Procurement and Contracts Solicitor

Procurement and Contracts Solicitor

The role of a Procurement and Contracts Solicitor

Procurement and Contracts Solicitors are responsible for providing a range of services to the public, private and third sector organisations.

Their main focus is predominantly on contracts, trading, and corporate law. However, they might also be required to provide service in other areas if necessary.

The role of a Procurement and Contracts Solicitor includes:

  • Ensuring client compliance with statutory duties
  • Drafting and amending contracts
  • Advising and drafting procurement documents
  • Negotiating with third parties
  • Updating and refreshing current policies
  • Assessing commercial risk and contracts

Qualifications & Experience

As a solicitor, you’ll have fantastic career progression opportunities. When it comes to the law sector there are many different routes you can take. You can choose to work for a small law firm, the government, local authorities, charity, or large private law firms.

Although there are ample opportunities to train and specialise, all roles require a law degree or an equivalent.


Contractors: £40 – £50 per hour

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Neil, Trusted Feefo Customer, Tonbridge and Malling Borough Council

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