Rule No1: Prime Minister vs Managing Director… Is there really a difference?

What a treat! In this week’s episode we travel out to sunny Beaconsfield to the HQ of Sorbon Estates to meet the legend that is, Katherine Croom.

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Show notes

In one of our most hard hitting episodes yet, we speak to the inspirational Katherine Croom who talks us through her meteoric rise from Graduate Surveyor to Managing Director to… Voiceover Artist…? 

During this in depth interview we learn about dealing with redundancy, some of the most challenging aspects of being a female in the property industry as well as some early political ambitions…this is not one to be missed!

That’s not all folks, we of course find out what is Katherine’s Rule #1. Tune in for a genuinely inspiring journey.

The guest

Kathrine Croom , ​Managing Director, Sorbon Estates

Katherine Croom is Managing Director at Sorbon Estates, a well-known commercial property investor operating in and around the M25, the Thames Valley and Greater London, with offices located in Beaconsfield, close to the beautiful old town. Their portfolio is extremely diverse and comprises mooring, retail & restaurants, office space, industrial and storage and residential property across the region.

Katherine has more than 15 years’ experience in the property sector, with her initial training at CBRE. Before Sorbon, Katherine was Head of Asset and Property Management at Edinburgh House Estates / ESTAMA where she worked on a portfolio of retail led town centre investments.

Her successes focussed on repositioning under managed assets through strategic redevelopment, leasing, acquisition of third-party interests and growth of income. She passionate about gender diversity in the property industry and strives to provide opportunities for others to shine where she can. Away from the office, she is a proud mother to her young son. 

Getting in touch with Kathrine:

Personal Linkedin | Sorbon Estates Linkedin

Kathrine Croom Sorbon Estates

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