Rule No1: Pens With the Wrong Lids

This week’s episode marks the beginning of our internal adventure, speaking to a few of the best and brightest (…not sure about that) Recruitment Consultants who have just celebrated their 1st year at Oyster. 

Throughout the episode, we discuss with Bekah, Jesil, and George the trials and tribulations of their first year in the notoriously difficult industry of recruitment. Starting a new job during the pandemic, why they’ve stuck it out over the last year, pens with the wrong lids, and of course their Rule #1.

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The guests

Jesil Levine-Boateng , ​Oyster Partnership, Recruitment Consultant | Housing Management

Get in touch with Jesil: Personal Linkedin | Oyster Partnership Linkedin

Bekah Pauley , ​Oyster Partnership, Recruitment Consultant | Estates, Facilities & Capital Projects

Get in touch with Bekah: Personal Linkedin | Oyster Partnership Linkedin

George Garrett , ​Oyster Partnership, Recruitment Consultant | Estates & Facilities – Local & Central Government

Get in touch with George: Personal Linkedin | Oyster Partnership Linkedin

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