HR Diversity & Inclusion Special

This episode we have a very special episode in which we have another guest host in the form of our AD, Jas, who joins Will in discussing the importance of Diversity & Inclusion.

Diversity & Inclusion has never been more in the spotlight, and rightly so! 

We had a chat with 3 specialists in HR, who certainly know a thing or two on the topic, Natalie De Souza MCIPDGary Bacchus, and Kiran Kaur Bhopal to give us a better insight into what D&I really means and what we can all do to make the working world a better and more inclusive place. 

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The guest

Gary Bacchus, Company Director at Strategy and Change

Gary runs his own consultancy firm Strategy & Change Ltd which focuses specifically on Leadership Development / Organisational Development, including more support for culture change. 

To date, he has worked on a variety of initiatives (both public and private sector), utilising his full portfolio of specialist change knowledge, skills, and abilities to help organisations manage change and transition to new business priorities.

Natalie de Souza, Deputy Director of HR & OD

Natalie is a highly experienced and driven Transformation & Change and EDI practitioner with over 15 years of capability at both strategic and operational levels; delivering high-level, value-led HRM solutions to both private and public sector companies.

Kiran Bhopal, Strategic People and Culture Lead

Kiran is a confident, innovative, and assertive HR Professional, with strong generalist and employee relations experience. Qualified at Masters’s level with CIPD Level 7 Certification. Kiran is a professionally trained Executive Coach with a drive to help others develop, live their potential, and be resilient in an increasingly complex world.

We hope you enjoyed listening to the episode!

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