Planning Policy Professional

planning policy professional

The job of a Planning Policy professional

Policy professionals handle the more strategic points of the Town Planning industry.

Every Local Authority will produce a Local Plan for their area, detailing housing, commercial, public and private development, including transport infrastructure, along with protection for the local environment.

The role of a Planning Policy professional involves:

  • Producing local plans
  • Allocating land for new homes
  • Developing transport infrastructure
  • Ensuring compliance with development laws
  • Leading consultation and engagement exercises
  • Implementing & delivering policies & guidance in practice

Qualifications & Experience

As a planning policy professional, you will be required to have a relevant degree, work experience, and any beneficial certifications.

  1. A degree related to planning similarly, such as Transportation or Urban Studies
  2. Industry experience by way of work experience or a university placement.
  3. MRTPI Chartership

Salary & Benefits

Permanent contract: £18k – 63k

Contractors: £20 – £55 per hour

Our Planning Policy jobs

We work with various Public Sector organisations across the UK providing the Housing Sector with Planning Policy professionals and other industry professionals.

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