Recruitment Success Stories


By Property Development Recruitment Specialist Sami Anabtawi

London is full of recruitment agencies and is known to be a highly saturated market. It can be confusing and daunting, when you are starting out in the recruitment sector with the question of ‘which one to join to ensure success?’ Oyster Partnership is one that stands proud to have a team of dedicated and ambitious property consultants working alongside reputable clients and successful professionals, across both the UK and internationally in permanent and contract roles for the public and private sector. With testimonials stating an exceptional level of service from clients and five star feedback from our employees, Oyster Partnership is a great business to shout about.

The Oyster team has lots to say when it comes to their individual Oyster success stories and below Development Recruitment Specialist Sami Anabtawi gives his personal account on why Oyster was the recruitment business of choice for him and what he has achieved so far:

“Having grown up fascinated by property and eventually working for the different disciplines and sectors that fall into that category, I noticed that people are the biggest asset to a business and how successful it can be.

I saw on countless occasions professionals going into the wrong type of organisation for them with a short-lived career. I wanted to contribute to changing this in some way! Recruitment seemed the direction that I could make change and seemed the right career choice for me to excel in. When it came down to looking for the right agency to work for it had to be Oyster Partnership. I have worked here just under a year now, but everyday, I have been supported, encouraged and trained to become a specialist in my niche sector ‘Property Development’.  My Manager Rob Murray takes into account my ideas and ambitions in order to make things happen!

In my opinion the company culture is unmatched; there is no competitor in the market like Oyster; everyone here wants the best for you, collaborates and most importantly has a laugh together. For me it was a no-brainer to work here and most importantly we are led by an MD who really believes in each and every one of us.” 

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