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On Monday, 23 July, Divisional Manager Robert Murray and his team will be welcoming 8 new recruits! Covering all manner of roles within the private sector, predominantly working with property consultancies, developers and land owners across the UK and internationally; this team provide an exceptional level of service. Known at Oyster to be an energetic, ambitious and enthusiastic bunch, who are successful in their roles, they have achieved great things and have their sights set on this year being their best year-to-date.

As summer has finally arrived in the UK, some of the perm team are off on their vacations, whilst others are even getting married (congrats to Real Estate Finance Specialist Matthew Bunyan!) However, the show must go on and General Practice Specialist Sam Jefferson; Planning & Development Specialist Eleanor Wood and Building Consultancy Specialist Stewart Miller who form part of this team, have revealed what it’s like behind the scenes working at Oyster Partnership. Could you ‘Make Things Happen’ and be joining them?

  1. What do you enjoy most about working for the Perm Team at Oyster Partnership?

Stewart Miller: There is a sense of fun and will for others to succeed that runs through this team.

Eleanor Wood: I like that I’m essentially running my own business within the business. I know that the more I put into my department, the more I will get out of it. I also enjoy being part of a genuinely friendly and supportive team. We work hard, but we also know how to have a laugh. Even if that’s just making fun of our colleague Matthew Bunyan ;-)!

Sam Jefferson: Definitely a strong family vibe throughout the team and the wider company. Our team is unique to the rest of the business as our client range is very diverse and is both national and international.

  1. How do you find Rob as your manager?

SM: His experience and skill as a recruiter is clear to see which he uses to help us on a daily basis.

EW: Rob’s an energetic manager. Actually that’s an understatement – he’s bonkers. He injects a lot of energy into the team and always manages to find a positive spin to every situation. He pushes you to work hard, but equally tells you to go home when you clearly need a break. He keeps me on the straight and narrow.

SJ: Understanding, patient and flexible!

  1. Which recent project have you been involved in placing professionals?

SM: I have been involved with helping a well-known charity find surveyors and project managers to manage their portfolio all over the country.

EW: Placing with a company who had never worked with Oyster before – they had a need for a member of staff and I found them the person who fitted in well with their culture. Job satisfaction is massive when you feel like you’re providing a quality service, rather than just being another “salesy” recruiter.

SJ: Recently I placed an Equity Partner with a turnover of circa two weeks. It was a challenge but rewarding to get the role filled!

     4. What have you found to be exciting in your recruitment role?

SM: The ever changing environment and different challenges you can come up against ensures that you are constantly having to learn from every situation.

EW: Learning about a whole new industry that I had only a basic understanding of initially. The built environment is fascinating, and to be assisting planners with finding their feet and dream jobs in the industry is a real privilege.

SJ: The rewards for working hard here are very beneficial! In the last year I have been to Lisbon, Barcelona and I’m going to Ibiza in September with the Oyster team which will be amazing!

  1. What other interesting things do you get involved in at Oyster Partnership other than your normal day-to-day?

SM: There is always something happening outside of recruitment. For me I have been involved in golf days, fitness bootcamps, award evenings, charity balls and networking events which are all great fun!

EW: I prefer going to networking events! I think being actively involved in industry events is a better way to build your network long-term. I love going to lectures, because I get to learn more about the profession I’m recruiting for and also meet lots of planners. I think I’m a bit of a nerd at heart. The joy of being a consultant at Oyster is that you can make of your job what you want – having the freedom to meet professionals and work with people you want to is a lot of fun!

SJ: Charity days are encouraged so that you can give back to people less fortunate, we also have ‘Sunshine Day’ where you can take one day off per year, that does not count as annual leave, and Friday morning summer bootcamp sessions which are epic, all thanks to our MD Sasza for organising with Michael Calvin from Team Why Weight!

If this team sounds like one you would like be a part of, then get in touch with Hannah Clarke today: Hannah.clarke@oysterpartnership.com.

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