Oyster Partnership Lands Prestigious 3* Accreditation for ‘World Class’ Levels of Engagement by Best Companies

best companies 2021

Oyster Partnership, a leading UK consultancy specialising in property sector recruitment, has been awarded the prestigious 3* Accreditation for the second year in a row by the renowned Best Companies organisation. 

Oyster Partnership’s ‘world class’ levels of engagement were recognised with a score of 755.9/900 – a significant increase on last year’s already impressive score. A 3* Accreditation is the highest that can be awarded and is the gold standard that many organisations aspire to achieve. 

Sasza Bandiera, Managing Director of Oyster Partnership, commented:

“We are extremely proud to have received the news about Best Companies list positions and accreditation this year, the second in a row! It’s incredibly humbling knowing your team thinks so highly of the business. It’s been a tough journey especially over the last couple of years, so I am very pleased with the results and am sure I speak for everyone!”

Oyster Partnership was established in 2004 and has grown to employ more than 60 people managing resource challenges across public, private, and third-sector organisations. The small London based company prides themselves on being a meritocracy with a diverse workforce of talented, inspired individuals. The core focus is on employee’s happiness as the management team understands the importance of mental health and knows that a happy, healthy workforce are more productive and engaged in their roles. 

At the start of the year Oyster Partnership implemented a new forward-thinking strategy named “Oyster’s Work from Anywhere Initiative.” Working through lockdown has been testing for everyone, regardless of job type or work environment. Oyster Partnership’s focus on flexibility, compassion, and understanding towards their teams’ needs has led to increased customer satisfaction provided by motivated employees who feel supported and cared for.

Best Companies panel of expert judges were particularly impressed with prominent workplace factors, which included 98% of staff having confidence in the leadership skills of their manager, 97% of staff feeling proud to work for the organisation, and 94% of staff being encouraged by the organisations charitable activities.

This year, Oyster has won a wide range of other awards and acknowledgments for this progressive company. They have been ranked twelfth on the UK’s 100 Best Companies to Work for, fifth on London’s 30 Best Small Companies to work for, and eighth on Recruitment’s 40 Best Small Companies to Work For. 

 Oyster Partnerships’ Head of People, Hannah Clarke, commented:

“We are absolutely thrilled to have received the 3* Accreditation from Best Companies this year. Moreover, to have been placed so highly in the sector, regional, and national list, after such a turbulent year, is a testament to the team that we have here at Oyster. We have worked tirelessly to create and nurture an inclusive culture that everyone is proud to be a part of.”

The Author…

Jane Kisnica

Marketing Assistant, Oyster Partnership

Jane joined Oyster Partnership in November 2017 as a receptionist. She started showing her artistic flair and enthusiasm for all things marketing soon after joining the business. Since then she has worked hard and built her way up from being a receptionist to running the marketing department at Oyster Partnership.

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