Oyster launches a back to work training service for Housing Providers

back to work training

-By Jaspreet Bhogal, Assistant Director-

One of the many benefits we receive at Oyster is being given 2 days paid leave to do charity work. Over the years, our consultants have gardened, painted rooms for children, cooked, cleaned and played board games with the elderly! 

When I sat down to think what I wanted to do, I looked at what my skill set was, and after 10 years in recruitment, the answer seemed simple! I made contact with The Octavia Foundation and soon I had arranged to become part of their Learn2Earn programme, and I would soon be providing interview advice to their clients who had previously been substance misusers.

This programme ran for over a year, and feedback from clients was great with 100% rating the trainers from Oyster as excellent or good facilitators. 

back to work training

“From discussions with Jas, it felt like a natural fit for Oyster staff to be a part of Learn2Earn by developing and delivering a presentation on a topic they are experts in: interview preparation.

They listened carefully when we spoke about the needs of our clients and used this knowledge to create a bespoke 3 hour session that was then delivered as part of the 12 week programme, 4 times over the following year until funding ended.

Jas and her team continue to support the Octavia Foundation in other ways, such as offering mock interviews to our clients to build confidence and receive constructive feedback, as well as individual telephone befriending from many of their team each week during this pandemic.”

Liz Shipsey, Octavia Foundation 

Fast forward to March 2020, plans for the decade ahead had been paused, and I had swapped working in the heart of  London with working off of my dining table, this for me, (like most) gave me a lot of time to think.

I was speaking to contacts in the Housing world about the issues they were facing, and most mentioned the need to help their residents find / get back to work during this unsettled time. This lead to a conversation with Sasza our MD, and from there the Residents Oyster Academy was born. 

Our first programme starts in a matter of weeks with Pinnacle and one of their estates in Hammersmith, where we are looking to work with the 18-25 age group. The programme will be run via zoom and all topics will be covered in a 90 minute condensed session but multiple times to be able to include more participants. 

back to work training

“Our residents are the reason behind our passion for housing management. We’re excited about this partnership with Oyster and all the opportunities that they may create to assist our residents employment journey”

Magda Goncalves, Area Manager, LB Hammersmith & Fulham Council

What does the Residents Oyster Academy involve?

The programme can be completely tailored to the needs of you and your residents. 


Given current times, we are more than happy to provide virtual training. Or if social distancing is possible and you have a space we can use, we will gladly come to you! 


Optimal mind set for job seekers

The job search: Where to begin

CV writing

Interviews (including virtual interviews) 

Number of sessions

Depending on which sessions you pick from/ the format of the programme being delivered you can select the frequency and length of any training that happens.

If you’re a Housing Provider looking to offer employability skills please do get in touch. I’d love to have a conversation about how we may be able to work with you! You can contact me over email Jaspreet.Bhogal@oysterpartnership.com or by calling 020 7766 9000.

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