Oyster giving back

Earlier in the month, Divisional Managers – Robert Murray and Jaspreet Bhogal – ran a recruitment session at the Octavia Foundation Housing Association.

Five candidates in need of support took part in the half-day training session to help improve interview preparation and employment training.

The session is a part of a 12-week course assisting with securing employment for those in need, with Oyster participating in a total of five half day sessions throughout the remainder of the year.

Along with increasing confidence, role plays and talking through what to expect throughout the entire job application process, candidates were also offered the aid of charity, Suited and Booted, providing complimentary formal clothing for interviewees.

Oyster Partnership recruit for Octavia’s Housing Association and the training program is a part of a wider volunteering opportunity all Oyster team members are encouraged to pursue.

For more information about Octavia, please visit http://www.octaviafoundation.org.uk

Please click to connect with Robert Murray or Jaspreet Bhogal on LinkedIn.

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