Tyree Smith

Consultant | Housing Needs

Well-spoken. Chatty. Semi-Professional Videographer.

Prior to starting at Oyster in 2022, Tyree was working in Ladbrokes and trying to work out what to do with his life. A couple of friends, already working in the industry, suggested Recruitment. He’s chatty, confident, and well-spoken, why not give it a go? It was the right call.

What makes Tyree good at his job?

That confidence has set Tyree up in good stead. He’s used to conversing professionally – he runs his own podcast – and now he can make a living from it. If you’re willing to record yourself talking and release it into the world, chatting on the phone to clients and candidates is not going to be something that phases you. Ask him nicely and he might invite you onto his podcast.

Where is Tyree going after work?

Tyree’s interest doesn’t end at podcasts, although it is where it began. Having started to record his podcast, he then had to teach himself how to edit it. And then he started editing YouTube videos, and events, and the list goes on. So, most likely you’ll find him at his laptop, working on his videography.

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