Tushar Kumar

Consultant | Trading Standards & Licensing

Team player, great attention to detail, superhero

Tushar is our Clark Kent; from 8:30am - 5pm, you’ll likely find him turning heads in a dazzling three-piece suit (including throughout a 40 degree heatwave), but in the evening, he’s fighting crime and saving lives… not really, but with Tushar’s Jui Jitsu and MMA abilities, he’d give Superman a run for his money!

What makes Tushar good at his job?

When it comes to self-presentation, there’s not many people at Oyster that can rival him, and you can expect this same level of effort and attention to detail in Tushar’s recruitment service. Tushar’s excellent eye for detail, his organisation and strong work ethic, only add to his in-depth sector knowledge and passion to deliver a great service.

Where is Tushar going after work?

When he’s not saving the world, you’ll likely find Tushar binge watching every Tom Hardy film known to man, or shoe shopping to add to his already impressive trainer collection. Tushar also has future aspirations of travelling the world with his friends, and currently his favourite place on Earth is Derby, so that day really can’t come soon enough…

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