Sunni Mandair

Consultant | Estates and Facilities

Competitive, Resilient, Loves His Tortoises

Sunni knows all about hard-work and organisation; in a previous life, he managed a team of 50 as a Security Operation Manager, worked 12-hour shifts, and ensured day-to-day business ran smoothly. Ambitious to achieve and progress, Sunni made the move to Recruitment, which he now pours all of his passion and energy into. Perhaps his strong motivation also comes from his desire to provide the best possible life for Tyson and Tyler… his pet Tortoises.

What makes Sunni good at his job?

Sunni draws on his previous experiences and skills to ensure he consistently delivers results; his organisational skills aid to ensure his days always have structure and is prioritising more urgent tasks, and his resilience sees that he is constantly improving and growing from any set-backs. These are the traits of a great recruiter and we can’t wait to see what’s to come in Sunni’s journey.

Where is Sunni going after work?

Sunni is likely going home to relax and spend time with his wife and pets. The highlight of his day is when he first gets home from work and Smartie (his dog) pounces on him to welcome him home. Smartie is followed (quite some way behind) by his beloved tortoises – Tyson and Tyler. Sunni also loves to travel, and his favourite country to visit is Singapore.

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