Stephanie Ricks

Team Leader | Revenues & Benefits

Bubbly. Ambitious. A Renowned Social Butterfly.

Starting out her Recruitment career in 2019 in Oyster’s Housing Needs team, Steph made the bold decision to branch away from what she knew and spearhead a brand-new Revenue and Benefits team. Since then, she has just been going from strength to strength, completely unfazed by the challenge of forging new relationships in a wholly new area of recruitment, for both her and Oyster. She’s taken it all in her stride with her easy-going, bubbly personality.

What makes Steph good at her job?

Steph isn’t scared of a bit of hard work. Rather than resting easy on her laurels in a team where she was established and comfortable, Steph pushed herself out of comfort zone to do something entirely new, to keep pushing herself with new challenges. And those qualities, being hardworking, committed, determined, are recognised by clients and candidates alike, who know that Steph is the person to go to if you want to get stuff done.

Where is Steph going after work?

Where isn’t Steph going after work? I don’t think she’s ever taken a weekend off. If it’s not bottomless brunch, it’s a picnic on Clapham Common, or a BBQ in Kent, or a house party, or a night of live music, or dinner out. Her social life gives me second-hand exhaustion, but the girl seems to have endless amounts of energy.

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