Simerette Bhaker

Consultant | Legal

Attentive, Positive, Zen

Simerette has been a friend of Oyster’s for over 10 years; starting her journey contracting at various Housing Associations and Local Authorities, Simerette built an outstanding professional reputation for herself. As a Recruitment Consultant, Simerette draws on her practical experience to ensure she’s delivering an informed and empathetic experience. If you’re ever feeling stressed, Simerette can also do wonders for your relaxation, always armed with a crystal or meditation playlist to recommend.

What makes Simerette good at her job?

Having experience as both a contractor and a Recruitment Consultant within the temp team gives Simerette an insight into the process like none other. Also drawing on her previous work within the Legal sector and for the Royal Court of Justice, means Simerette has a first-hand understanding of the dynamics and needs of these teams. This, alongside her amazing humour and ability to build rapport, make Simerette a brilliant Consultant.

Where is Simerette going after work?

Likely off to a Pilates or Yoga class! Simerette is serious about her health and wellness, so she’d trade a night out for a massage and an early night any day. Simerette’s ambition is to stay positive and happy, so she avoids the hanger by enjoying her favourite foods (lobster). Identifying as a true ‘foodie’, Simerette enjoys going to beautiful restaurants with her family and friends, and sampling all the nutritional goodness the world has to offer through her travels.

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