Petula Benjamin

Credit Control

Maths geek, upbeat, fitness guru!

If you have a finance question, there’s probably no better person to ask than Petula; having over 20 years of experience under her belt, with 6 of those being within the recruitment sector, you’re in safe hands. As well as her expertise, Petula brings energy and passion to every aspect of her role, making her a delightful addition to the team.

What makes Petula good at her job?

Petula lives and breathes finance; she’s a spreadsheet wizard, bringing structure, organisation and efficiency to everything that she does. Petula compares aspects of finance to a ‘puzzle game’ and even considers maths to be… fun? Yikes! She even does finance in her spare time and enjoys expanding on her already vast knowledge. If there’s one thing to be certain of, wherever you find Petula, a calculator won’t be far behind.

Where is Petula going after work?

Aside from maths, Petula also loves keeping active and enjoys a challenge… that is unless heights are involved. Petula doesn’t even like jumping! Petula’s favourite time of the day is in the evening, after a hard days work, where she can relax to her favourite TV show – Eastenders. And apparently Kat is engaged to Phil now! Poor Alfie…

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