Pauline Stephenson

Senior Consultant | Legal

Kind. Friendly. Available to Sing at Weddings.

Pauline started at Oyster in 2020 and brought her enthusiasm, her big smile, and her approachability with her. The Legal team certainly wouldn’t be the same without her, as I’m sure all her clients and candidates would agree with.

What makes Pauline good at her job?

Pauline brings a tireless amount of kindness, patience, and respect to her work. She always makes time for her contractors and will provide a kind ear, or a helping hand whenever needed. Pauline’s clients know she is the person to go to because of her careful attention to detail and professionalism.

Where is Pauline going after work?

Recruitment is just her day job; Pauline’s true passion is singing. Chances are you’ll find her singing at weddings and events all across London. And failing that, writing music.

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