Makda Berhane

Compliance Officer

Hard-working, infectious smile, karaoke queen

Makda is at the beginning of her Oyster journey but is no newbie in the world of compliance. With over a year and a half previous compliance experience within the recruitment sector, there’s not a question that could stump her. Being a confident speaker in 5 languages, it’s doubtful there’s a language you could ask in that would stump her either! Makda’s upbeat and sunny nature have ensured a quick transition into the Oyster family, and we look forward to watching her continue to blossom.

What makes Makda good at her job?

Makda knows compliance inside and out, but still strives to improve her own knowledge and understanding, to ensure she continues to grow within her role. Makda constantly goes above and beyond (and always with a smile on her face!) to assist the team, and there’s not an hour in the day when they can’t approach her (unless it’s before her morning coffee), making her an, already, much loved Oyster family member.

Tip: if you need anything before her morning coffee, chocolate bribes go down a treat!

Where is Makda going after work?

With a little Dutch courage (usually a Pina Colada or a gin & tonic), you’ll likely find Makda belting some ballads at karaoke, spending time with family and friends, or watching the latest horror movie at the cinema! Makda also loves Japanese culture, with Japan being her favourite country that she’s visited, her favourite language and one of her favourite foods!

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