Lewis Allen

Team Leader | Project Management and Building Surveying

Committed. Dedicated. Bleeds Recruitment.

Cut this man open and he will bleed Recruitment. A bold statement, but believe me, no one at Oyster would dispute it and neither would you. Absolutely 100% committed to his clients and candidates, Lewis’ heart is always in the right place, and that means he goes out of his way to help everyone he works with and alongside.

What makes Lewis good at his job?

Lewis is one of the most committed, driven, and dedicated recruiters you’ll find in London. He doesn’t just want to fling CVs around and hope for the best. He works with his clients closely to advise, guide, and consult with them on the process at every step. His candidates trust his judgement implicitly and know that if he’s put them forward for a job, it’s one they genuinely want.

Where is Lewis going after work?

Watching football with a bottle of Moretti or playing a game of Poker (I can’t attest to how good he is. Probably not as good after the Moretti). Alternatively, and he’ll be less quick to admit this, heading off to a musical or a sing-along film under the guise that his missus likes it. He’ll be singing the loudest.

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