John Carr

Consultant | Finance

Ambitious, Inquisitive, Investment Titan

John’s strong ambition towards learning and self-improvement makes him an exceptional Recruitment Consultant. John could never settle for just ‘enough’, with his inquisitive nature ensuring that he’s constantly wanting to know more, striving to stay one step ahead. John brings this proactive attitude to his recruitment service, making sure that no stone goes left unturned, no question unanswered, or small detail missed.

What makes John good at his job?

Joining the Finance team was a no-brainer for John, as he lives and breathes everything numbers related. John’s passion for investment and finance shows in his interactions with candidates and clients alike, as he demonstrates a genuine interest in the topic, eager to continue to learn and grow. This passion, combined with John’s hard-working nature, make John a brilliant addition to the Finance team here at Oyster.

Where is John going after work?

When John isn’t reading books advising on smart investments and productive lifestyles, you’ll find him with his close friends, sharing all that he’s learned on the topic. His friendship group are just as ambitious as John, and they’re constantly working together to achieve their goals; one such recent venture has been crypto currency trading. John also likes to keep fit and active at the gym, but on rare occasions you can catch him relaxing, enjoying favourite TV shows ‘South Park’ and ‘Rick and Morty’.

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