Jimmy Higgins

Consultant | Office Support

Quick Learner, Positive, Marvel Geek

Jimmy’s strong work ethic and punctuality make him the ideal recruitment consultant. His positive and determined outlook ensures no task goes left unfinished. Jimmy is easy to talk to as well, and if you have an interest in anything Marvel or Star Wars related, you’re in for a real treat! He’s a self-professed Marvel geek and you’d definitely want him on your team at a pub quiz for this round.

What makes Jimmy good at his job?

Jimmy is always willing to go above and beyond to help others. Coming from a background in Office Support himself, previously being a receptionist, means he has a strong understanding of what these roles entail. Jimmy knows, from personal experience, how the right staff member can positively impact an organisation, whilst also empathising with the needs of the employee as well. When it comes to Office Support roles, you definitely want a Jimmy on your side.

Where is Jimmy going after work?

Jimmy says he loves to travel when he’s not working. ‘Where?’ you might ask, perhaps Barcelona or Ibiza? Not quite. When Jimmy says travel, what he actually means is he likes to visit various different pubs and bars with his friends. He also loves playing video games and going to the cinema with his friends, likely to watch the newest Marvel movie.

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