James Bennett

Team Leader | Town Planning

Calm. Easy-going. Unshakeable.

Easy to chat to, approachable, and keen to help, when James started at Oyster in 2019, all these attributes quickly made him a crucial member of the Town Planning team. His laid-back, easy-going nature makes him a firm fan favourite, not just in the office, but with his clients and candidates too (even if you can’t drag him out for an after-work pint for love nor money).

What makes James good at his job?

James is not easily ruffled. He has a calm, unshakeably unworried approach to problem solving – where the rest of us might be running about in a headless panic, James has sat quietly and already worked out a solution. And since he’s drawing on an extensive pool of market knowledge, and he really does know his stuff, the solution will be a good one. He’s already well on his way to his ambition to manage a team, as he’s always at hand to help, mentor, assist and guide anyone who needs it.

Where is James going after work?

You’ll find James either playing football, watching football, talking about football, or waiting to play/watch/talk about football. He supports Crystal Palace just in case anyone wondered. When he can tear himself away from his beloved Crystal Palace, he likes to travel with his friends (the ones he plays football with – there’s a theme here) and try new things.

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