Elin Pavli-Hinde

Consultant | Architecture & Planning

Optimist. Hard-working. People person.

Elin is our very own ray of sunshine. Whatever bump in the road Elin might come across, it’s always met with optimism and determination. Elin is driven by her ambition to have a massive kitchen, one that’s big enough for her to dance around and make delicious things in – knowing Elin, that’ll probably be some variation of Italian food!

What makes Elin good at her job?

Elin is the person that every Recruitment team needs – she’s hard-working, passionate, and is guaranteed to always laugh at your jokes. Elin’s positivity, combined with her empathy and attention to detail, make her an absolute joy to work with. If you have an Elin in your corner, there’s nothing you can’t achieve!

Where is Elin going after work?

Hosting a dinner party! Elin loves spending time with her friends and going out to the cinema or theatre for a bit of escapism. You’d think that, being a musical theatre graduate, her favourite film might be a thought provoking, independent project or artsy drama, right? Nope. It’s The Bee Movie. She watches it at least once a week.

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