Dan Rosenberg

Consultant | Engineering

Inquisitive, Personable, Trainee Pro Wrestler

From the moment we met Dan, we knew that he’d be a great recruiter, because he is passionate about people. Of course, there are other perks that go along with the role, but what drew Dan to recruitment was that he would get to speak to different people every day and hear about their experiences. Dan’s passion and empathy, combined with his driven and hard-working nature, make his recruitment service stand out from the rest.

What makes Dan good at his job?

We’ve already touched on Dan’s personable nature, which sees him building a quick rapport with everyone that he speaks to, but Dan’s also has an incredible attention to detail. His attentiveness ensures that Dan always has exactly what he needs to complete the task confidently, with no little energy.

Where is Dan going after work?

You might find Dan at a gym taking a Pro-Wrestling class, or playing D&D with his close friends, you might also find him at a restaurant enjoying some Shanghai pork dumplings with his partner. There’s one thing for certain, though, you won’t find Dan sat still for very long. On those odd occasions when Dan is at home, you’ll likely find him spending a relaxing evening with his partner, watching Labyrinth.

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