Connie Luo

Consultant | Human Resources

Organised, Analytical, Sushi Lover

Connie’s amazing organisational skills and attention to detail make her an outstanding Recruitment Consultant. With Connie, every ‘I’ is dotted and every ‘T’ is crossed. Her structured approach, combined with her optimistic nature and previous experience within HR, set her apart as a specialist within her field.

What makes Connie good at her job?

Connie knows first-hand just how integral a well-functioning HR team is to an organisation; from HR Admins delivering that key first point of contact experience, to HR Directors ensuring the strategic goals of a business are met, whilst ensuring the ‘people’ function runs smoothly. Having previous experience in a HR role allows Connie additional insight, which she brings to her role, alongside her optimism and determination.

Where is Connie going after work?

Connie loves a relaxing evening, where she takes the opportunity to rest and prepare for the next day ahead. Connie also loves to travel, capturing memories of beautiful destinations on her film camera. One of her favourite places to travel is Japan; we’re sure this isn’t purely because her favourite food is Sushi, but we’re sure this is a big contributing factor!

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