Angus Archibald

Consultant | Development and Project Management

Tenacious, Survivalist, Beer Connoisseur

Angus comes from a strong background in Development, Project Management, and recruitment. Angus brings this specialist experience, alongside his tenacious and analytical personality, to every aspect of his role. This makes Angus’ recruitment experience truly exceptional, setting him apart from his competitors. Perhaps another reason why he comes so highly recommended, are his amazing beer recommendations!

What makes Angus good at his job?

Having previous experience in Project Management, before making the move into recruitment, allows Angus a personal insight into both clients’ and candidates’ needs and expectations. Angus’ specialist background shapes him into the passionate and empathetic consultant that he is today.

Where is Angus going after work?

Eat your heart out Bear Grylls. Angus loves to be outdoors, whether that be enjoying some rugby, salmon fishing, shooting or adventure expeditions. We’re confident that if anyone at Oyster was to be stranded on a desert island, Angus has the best shot at survival. When he’s not out exploring, Angus loves a trip to the pub. Being quite the beer connoisseur, Angus even previously set up his own brewery business in the West Indies!

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