Recruitment Approach

Intelligence, Integrity and Communication are the three cornerstones of our business at Oyster.

Business Intelligence informs everything we do, and by maintaining a high level of integrity and clear communication during the process, then a successful recruitment service will follow.

Sharing our expertise

Oyster recruiters work together as a unit, not as individuals. Quite simply, we talk to each other, sharing information with exponential results. As such, we can deliver a level of expertise well above that of our competitors – and of candidates’ expectations, too.

We only approach candidates for a good reason. It will have been meticulously planned and thought about, never undertaken on a whim. The work that goes on behind the scenes is considerable – which candidates can often find surprising. But dig a little deeper and ask around, and you’ll find the results speak for themselves.

Communication is king

Clear communication is key to success at Oyster. We know that sometimes saying that there is no news is news. We’re trusting with our information and we find that trust is reciprocated.

If all sides are honest, open and transparent throughout the process then at no point should any of it break down or stall. We’re selective with which clients we work to ensure this is always the case.

Careers that enhance legacies

Recruiting for the property industry is something we take very seriously. Many of our clients are several hundred years old – it’s our job to respect the legacy of every client, and do our best to enhance it.

We can’t do that on our own. We need you, the exceptional candidate, to make that happen.

And for you to work with us, we know that we need to be exceptional too.

If you’d like to find out more about how we work, why not speak to one of our founders? They’d be happy to talk to you about how we could help.

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