Interviews: It’s a two way street


By HR Recruitment Specialist Daniel Pisani – Interviews: it’s a two way street.

There are seminars and classes that recruitment agencies run and facilitate to ensure that candidates are best prepared for an interview. But what about the other way around? How does the client best prepare themselves for the arrivals of applicants during the interview process?

Here are my thoughts on how the two marry up together and why this really is a two way street.

Throughout my career, I’ve attended and given advice to hundreds of prospective candidates on how to best prepare for what most believe is a stressful and nervous interview process which doesn’t have to be the case.

I found myself often referring to the phrase “it’s a two way street” which does calm the nerves of those panicking about the interview or overthinking it for example.

But how is that so?

Yes, it could be the dream job on paper but what if as soon as the candidate arrives to the reception desk the vibe is just off?

This is a common occurrence so here are a few things clients should take note of when expecting candidates to walk through their door and sit in reception vying for a position within the company:

  • Ensure you tell the recruiter all the details needed on how the candidates can find the easiest way to the office
  • Ensure the receptionist is well mannered and offers a drink of some kind
  • Ensure the office and interview room is clean and presentable

Those are a few necessities and then it’s up to you on how you run your own interview whether that be face-to-face or an assessment centre.

A lot of the time the candidate gets in their head that it’s only them who needs to sell themselves on the day but in actual fact the client also needs to point out reasons on why they would want to work in that environment, that company.

The recruiter may ask ahead of time certain “out of the box” questions such as:

  • What is the culture like?
  • What is the vibe throughout the office? (Strict, relaxed etc.)
  • Are there any dress down days?
  • If the interview is set on a dress down day can the candidate also come dress down to fit in?

There are plenty more.

In conclusion, as much as we pride ourselves on filling a role or if we haven’t then ensuring we have the correct feedback for the candidates; it’s important to also provide feedback to the hiring manager we are liaising with to ensure that the client relationship side of the business is transparent and trusting.

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