The RICS Matrics Summer Ball London and South East tonight!

Waiter serving beverage on a tray in a restaurant


The RICS Matrics Summer Ball London & South East is taking place this evening! Ten of our property perm team; Robert Murray, Carla Chamberlain, Sami Anabtawi, Stewart Miller, Caroline Wilkinson, Alistair Williams, Alexander Fernandez, Sam Jefferson, Jemimah Haughton and Carley Malena will be getting their glad rags on, dusting off their tuxes, shining up their shoes and heading over to Hilton Tower Bridge. It is set to be an amazing evening with a large attendance of professionals working in the property sector coming together; dining over a three course meal, drinks, dance and catch up.  

This calendar event has been growing in popularity and this year is looking to be the biggest and best yet combining South East Matrics members. The Oyster team are certainly excited to catch up with clients and professionals working in the property sector and learn more about the industries requirements to ensure success within business.

If you are attending and want to make sure you catch up with any of the team going along, drop us an email here: info@oysterpartnership.com!

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