Launch of our newly designed website

A note from our MD…

Launch of our newly designed website

“We are excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website – www.oysterpartnership.com

Inception to completion took a full six months, so the fact that it is now live is something we are all thrilled about!

The initial brainstorming around the design, look & feel and layout of the site took about 3 months in total to complete. We then spent a number of weeks working on the content itself. This was so important to us as we felt we really needed to get the tone right. We wanted to give our audience a more in-depth understanding of what we can offer them to give them a ‘feeling’ of what our culture is like internally: how we think; how we operate and the processes we all go through to do our job.

For me this website marks the dawn of a new era for Oyster; we are so much more than a company who finds a candidate a job, or helps to fill vacancies and our brand new site reflects that.

We’ve always prided ourselves on the service we provide, I have the best team I could hope for and finally our website promotes just that. Our website is a window into who we are, and whilst I know the true value of the people within the company, I wanted that to be reflected externally through a website that is faster, easier to use and stands head and shoulders above the competition. Just as we all do at Oyster Partnership.

I want to thank the management team here at Oyster for being very patient and instrumental in the production of the new site and all it has to offer. A special mention needs to go to Jane, our marketing assistant without whom, we wouldn’t have a site!” Sasza Bandiera – Oyster Partnership

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