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Patrick Webb

Consultant | General Practice

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The exposure this will provide is a perfect grounding to fast forward your Property Management career.

Recently Chartered Surveyor looking for the opportunity to move into Commercial Property Management?

Residential Property Manager knocking on the door for a shot in the commercial world?

Chartered Surveyor looing to make the next step working for one of the leading firms in the UK?

Do any of these resonate with you? If so, your ambition is our ambition. Give me a call, we get the job done.

It's an exciting time for Chris Carrick's team, with several clients acquiring new assets, a need for an ambitious Surveyor to discover the difference of Savills has arisen.

Variety is brilliance in Chris' team, clients vary from a rapidly growing development firm specialising in ultra urban warehousing, to more niche clients requiring a wider service delving into asset management. As this is Savills, of course you will be working with the world's leading investment firms.

The assets vary from large office space, zone 1 industrial and out of town retail. The exposure this will provide is a perfect grounding to fast forward your Property Management career.

The immediate team comprises of 12 individuals ranging from Graduate through to Director. Chris prides himself on providing client facing experience regardless of level.

We would like to attract talent from all corners of the Property world for this role. Our commitment is to an equitable recruitment process so feel free to apply in any way that suits you, via WhatsApp, video message, CV, the more creative the better.

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Consultant | General Practice

Patrick Webb

His outgoing nature and high energy levels means Patrick is go, go, go all day. He is in and out of the office like a jack-in-the-box, meeting clients and candidates all over London. Patrick isn’t content with just a quick phone call; he takes the time to meet everyone he works with and get a deep understanding for their character and their needs.
Your ambition is our ambition.
Your ambition is our ambition.

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