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Brooke Stebbings-Kirby

Senior Consultant | Office Support

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To be responsible for the day-to-day coordination of repairs and maintenance activities, being the central point of contact for residents, liaising with surveyors to ensure that programme of works are followed through and that cyclical compliance checks are carried out promptly.


£18.00-£19.00PHR UMBRELLA




Planned Inspections and Routine Maintenance

1. Contribute to the development of a medium to long term maintenance programme of
works for all properties based on the Maintenance Surveyor’s recommendations.
2. Monitor and manage the work schedule for all current and future maintenance tasks,
ensuring the Society fulfils its obligations as a landlord.
3. Schedule and coordinate all cyclical visits in accordance with agreed schedule to
ensure all properties are inspected as necessary (e.g. electrical and gas safety
checks), results reported, recorded and acted upon as necessary.

Building Work and Repairs

1. Undertake the administration work for tenders for all works, sending out specifications,
identifying suitable contractors, preparing costing comparisons and liaising with
contactors, tenants and oversight volunteers.
2. Obtain comparative estimates and quotes for proposed maintenance and
refurbishment works and forward for approval in accordance with delegated authority
3. Ensure all contractors have appropriate professional registration (eg: FENSA) and are
aware of the RMHS code of conduct.
4. Notify the Tenancy Manager of any identified concerns or risks associated with the
repairs programme or any other work.
5. Place orders with contractors on behalf of RHMS or URC Trust as applicable.
6. Assist the Maintenance Surveyor (or Project Manager, where appointed) to monitor
progress of building works against agreed timescales.
7. Ensure that all contractors either have access to the Asbestos Register password or
receive a copy of asbestos report where applicable.
8 Ensure that small contractors complete the CDM procedure where necessary.
9 Collate, monitor and report KPI’s on reactive repairs and compliance performance as
required including for board reports.

Senior Consultant | Office Support

Brooke Stebbings-Kirby

Brooke tackles every task with gusto, she’s not afraid to get on the phone to source the very best talent she can, and the very best talent is more than happy to work with her because they know she is trustworthy, kind, and committed.
Your ambition is our ambition.
Your ambition is our ambition.

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