Architecture, Planning & Development

Senior Planner

North West England

£45 - £55  

Per hour


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Adaora Onuora

Consultant | Town Planning

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January is breezing right past us! Have you snapped up your new opportunity or are you still waiting for it to come your way? Well if you are - here it is!

A North West authority is looking for an experienced Senior Planner to join their team to focus on a mixed caseload and help assist with signing off applications.

This role is perfect for you if;

  • You have a DM background
  • You have previous Local Authority experience
  • Majors and Complex Minors are a breeze for you
  • You have the ability to help mentor young Planners
  • Hybrid working (with a weekly office presence) is suitable for you

To make this offer more enticing, the council is also flexible with start dates!

If this sounds like something you would be interested, please call on 0207 766 9075

Don't let your opportunity slip away with January!

We would like to attract talent from all corners of the Planning world for this role. Our commitment is to an equitable recruitment process so feel free to apply in any way that suits you, via Whatsapp, video message, CV - the more creative the better!

Consultant | Town Planning

Adaora Onuora

Adaora Onuora (yes, you read that right, her name rhymes) is the Town Planning team’s very own superstar; Adaora brings her creative flare to her recruitment service, reimagining what recruitment can be. Adaora is popular with staff, candidates and clients alike, with her positive energy and ‘nothing’s too much’ attitude.
Your ambition is our ambition.
Your ambition is our ambition.

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