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Will Singh

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A local authority in Kent is looking for a Licensing Enforcement Officer to save their team (and protect the public) by helping with their inspections and visits.

Ideally someone with council experience and has completed numerous inspections across Licensing Act 2003 and Taxi and Private Hire and Gambling Act 2005, would be the person to come to rescue.

35 hours per week, 3 days out inspecting and a welcoming team.

The offered rate of £25-£30p/h seems like a good reward to be the knight (or Licensing Officer) in shining armour.

If you could be this councils Licensing saviour please click “Apply” or if you wish to know more, my details are 07893921334 and

We would like to attract talent from all corners of the licensing world for this role. Our commitment is to an equitable recruitment process so feel free to apply in any way that suits you, via WhatsApp, video message, CV, the more creative the better.

Consultant | Trading Standards

Will Singh

Coming from a background in accounting, there’s no conundrum that could stump Will. Ambitious for greater financial independence, Will made the move to Recruitment to achieve his dream of owning a home. As Will sees it, there’s nothing a little hard work, enthusiasm and passion can’t achieve.
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Your ambition is our ambition.

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