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Housing Prevention Officer

South East England

£25.00 - £27.00  

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Courtney Pinnock

Consultant | Housing Needs

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Working from home 5 days a week can be boring sometimes. Fancy having the best of both worlds?

Imagine having the chance to work alongside a team of 15 hardworking individuals 3 days a week. The days you’re in the office, you won’t be bored sitting home all day, you’ll be able to work closely and build relationships with your colleagues. The days you’re working from home you can order your favourite takeaway on your lunch break.

You will be working frontline doing a mixture of appointments and casework. Every day is a duty day.

Investigating and assessing housing applications. Also assisting and advising customers on their Housing Options, providing legislated obligations dealing with homeless services and housing advice to prevent homelessness. You will be doing the full process which includes carrying out PHPs and section 184 decisions.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any qualifications, if you have experience doing Homelessness prevention work and you are ready to show off your skills then what are you waiting for?

So, what’s next?

Give me a call on 07792900912 or email me on courtney.pinnock@oysterpartnership.com. Don’t worry if you don’t have an updated CV, feel free to send me what you have, and we will go from there. Or if you know anyone that will be good for the role, feel free to send over their CV and we will proceed from there.

We would like to attract talent from all corners of the Property Services for this role. Our commitment is to an equitable recruitment process so feel free to apply in any way that suits you, via WhatsApp, video message, CV, the more creative the better.

Consultant | Housing Needs

Courtney Pinnock

The reason Courtney chose recruitment as a career path in the first place was because it plays to all her strengths. Good at listening and connecting with people, with a high level of attention to detail, Courtney is easy to chat to, understanding, and friendly to a fault.
Your ambition is our ambition.
Your ambition is our ambition.

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